Road rage is a criminal offence: 5 recent cases (video)

Police have warned that anyone found harassing motorists on the road could face charges such as reckless and negligent driving, harassment and others depending on the seriousness of the crime.

Cleveland police Constable Mpho Mashakane said: “If a motorist is harassed, they should take down the registration number of the vehicle driven by the suspect and call the police. Do not retaliate. This could aggravate the situation. You can get killed. Call police on 10111.”

Suspected road rage incidents continue to be reported, with one of the latest cases being one of a woman who was dragged under a car in Johannesburg on November 20.

1. Woman dragged under vehicle

It was believed the incident occurred when the woman stopped her vehicle to exchange details with another driver after a collision.

The driver sped off, dragging Suzanne Leyden under the vehicle for some distance.

After sustaining multiple injuries to her head and chest, paramedics treated her and she was rushed to hospital for urgent treatment.

2. Taxi driver tasered by motorist

On the same day, a BMW driver allegedly tasered a taxi driver during a suspected road rage incident in northern Johannesburg.

Two other taxi drivers then stopped when they saw the commotion, and allegedly started to hit the BMW driver with sjamboks.

It was alleged that the taxi driver exited his vehicle to see what the problem was, when the other driver tasered him and threw a rock at the taxi’s back window, shattering the glass.

3. Elderly motorist verbally abused

In August, an assault case was been opened following an alleged road rage incident in Pretoria.

The incident took place at the intersection of Lois Avenue and Atterbury Road.

It was alleged that a 65-year-old man was punched in the face several times and verbally abused by another man.

The 65-year-old man reportedly bumped his car into the other man’s car.

4. Porsche passenger attacks VW Polo driver

In the same month, a man accused of a road rage assault in Fourways appeared in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court.

Gregory Kleinhentz’s case was postponed for further investigation. He was facing charges of assault and malicious damage to property.

His court appearance followed an alleged road rage incident in Fourways on July 26 where he was filmed exiting a Porsche and attacking a VW Jetta driver.

In the viral road rage video Kleinhentz can be seen kicking the VW’s door and side mirror and later snatching the motorist’s car keys and throwing them away.

5. Cyclists filmed attacking motorist

In March, a group of cyclists were filmed attacking a driver with everything from fists to their bicycles in an apparent road rage incident.

The incident occurred on Beach Road in Cape Town in the Western Cape.

In the video the cyclists can be seen battering the vehicle – even with their bicycles – bending the windscreen wipers and spraying the driver with what witness Symon Scott claimed was pepper spray.

At one point a cyclist can be seen trying to reach into the vehicle, possibly to grab the driver’s keys. When the driver fends him off he sets his bicycle down and proceeds to punch the driver through the open window.

Hentie Malan, the branch manager at ER24’s Johannesburg West offices said road rage can be prevented if people have coping skills in place and methods to help vent their feelings.

– Caxton News Service

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