Robbers hit “secure” Hyde Park complex (video)

CCTV footage has emerged showing three “skilled” robbers breaking into a complex in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

In the video, the three suspects are seen parked in front of the gate of the complex on Friday morning, Rosebank Killarney Gazette reported.

Robbers then take about four minutes to silently cut the electric cables that power the magnets holding the gate tightly closed.

As a cyclist passes, the three pretend to be exercising – to reduce suspicion.

Once inside, the robbers allegedly attempted to steal a car (Land Cruiser), but were unsuccessful.

According to commentary on the video, the panic button was pressed several times, but the armed response did not respond.

In a separate incident, one of the two suspects pretending to be a customer was caught on CCTV footage casually walking out of the mall with a black bag believed to be filled with stolen goods.

It was alleged the two suspects entered the shop while staff members were working and the other suspect knocked at the counter with his gun.

The suspects allegedly made off with R110 000 worth of cell phones.

No arrests had been made.

– Caxton News Service

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