Writer and husband robbed outside a club in Centurion

Yolanda Barnard-Lemmer and her husband were assaulted and robbed outside a club in Centurion after they went out to celebrate her book launch with a couple of friends.

Author Yolanda Barnard-Lemmer was robbed of her belongings outside a club in Centurion in the early hours of Sunday, May 15.

It was a night of celebration for Yolanda as she had just launched a book in Cullinan the day before.

Speaking to Pretoria Rekord, Yolanda said she had gone out to the club with her husband Rigard and friends to have a pleasant time.

She said they ordered an Uber and left the club at midnight to wait for it in the parking lot.

“It was very dark and there weren’t any security guards in the parking lot,” she said.

It came as a huge shock when two men ambushed them, violently demanding that they give up their belongings.

“One of the criminals bruised my arm and took my handbag while the other one assaulted my husband with a knopkierie,” Yolanda said.

“He was beaten on his back, hands and face.”

The criminals got away with his cellphone but what hurt her the most was losing what she described as a “beautiful ring”.

She said she met her husband on Facebook when she was living in China. When he flew out to see her, he brought a diamond ring he had bought for her.

“That ring has travelled all over the world with me,” she said.

“We are angry and scared because we promised ourselves we were going to stay home instead of going out.”

She said they opened a case at the Lyttelton Police station but were still waiting to be given a case number.

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