South Africa’s hottest selling hot hatches for April

Shopping for a new car? Here are some of the hottest and most trendy hatchbacks to consider.

Performance-bred hatchbacks are few and far between. Here are the hottest hot hatches in South Africa for the month of April.

What was once a thriving segment in the industry has subsequently dwindled over the last decade, resulting in a segment characterised by a handful of nameplates. Nonetheless, these select few find their way into the hands of drivers who crave a spirited drive for their morning commutes – here is a list of the top sellers.

For the sake of this list, only vehicles that align with the characteristics associated with the atypical hatchback will be included, while ‘cars’ like the Audi A5 Sportback or BMW I4 M50, which are classified as hatchbacks but at a glance are seemingly four-door sedans with hatchback elements as an afterthought, will be excluded from this list.

These are the top five best-selling hot hatches in April 2023: 

  • Suzuki Swift Sport: 15

April 2023
Image: Suzuki

Benefiting from an almost cult-like following, Suzuki’s Swift model is the most popular hatchback available in the local market. The local Suzuki Swift range is characterized by the Suzuki Swift and the high-strung Suzuki Swift Sport, which represented only 15 units of the total of 1 216 units sold over the month.

Compared to the other entries on this list, it outsells every other model in the segment by a large margin, but compared to sales reports from March, the Suzuki Swift’s total sales declined by only 32 units, despite a dramatic decline in the total sale of passenger vehicles from March to April.

  • Golf 8: 27 units (GTI and R combined)

April 2023
Image: Volkswagen

A fan favourite, the Golf lineup in South Africa is comprised of the most powerful and capable R-badged model and the iconic GTI. The former is also the most expensive entry on this list, which breaks the million-rand mark by a hair when outfitted with extras. Volkswagen reported an increase in sales from March (16 units) to April (27 units), although no data is available on the divide between the full-fat R model and the GTI. Which would you spend your money on?

  • Hyundai i30: 5 units 

April 2023
Image: Hyundai

Hyundai’s performance hatchback, characterised by the appealing baby blue paint, has experienced a slight decline in terms of sales since March, which saw a total of 9 units sold, thereafter, that number would dwindle to 5 units in April. As the winner of the last Performance Shootout, the i30 N is one of the best ‘value-for-money’ cars available in the local market that almost perfectly melds the amenities of a standard passenger car while affording would-be consumers a healthy dose of performance capabilities. Best value for money? Maybe so! 

  • Renault Megane: 2 units 

    Image: Renault

Renault’s Megane is a niche offering that has stood the test of time, but its sales figures as of late are seldomly within the double-digit range. In March, the firm reported selling just one unit but managed to eke out another unit in April. The local market is offered a single Megane model, namely, the Megane RS 300 Trophy, which undercuts the likes of VW’s Golf 8 and other class competitors with its price tag of R899 999.

  • GR Yaris: 1 unit 

April 2023

Image: Toyota

One of the most anticipated models to reach South Africa’s shores, the Toyota GR Yaris is a thoroughbred performance hatchback that has experienced a decline in sales over the last two months, potentially in anticipation of the all-new GR Corolla, which shares similar mechanical workings. In March, the rally-ready hatchback reportedly sold just three units, while in April that figure shrank to just one unit. Despite a smaller volume of units sold, the GR Yaris’ value-for-money, coupled with its infallible performance capabilities, make it one of the best choices within its class. Similar to the Megane RS 300 Trophy, the GR Yaris is accompanied by a R791 900, making it one of the more affordable options within the high-strung performance hatchback segment.

  • Fiat Abarth 595: 1 unitFiat Abarth 595: 1 unit

April 2023
Image: Abarth

Equaling the GR Yaris’ sales figure, Abarth’s 595 saw one model sold in April. The stout hatchback that has been on the market for several years is motivated by a peppy 1.4-litre in-line four engine, and coupled with its sultry frame, it makes it one of the most visually unique hot hatches in the local lineup.

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