Lexus forges ahead with cutting-edge EV offerings

Lexus, a pioneer in technology and innovation since its founding in 1989, is taking the lead in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Lexus, renowned for its tradition of innovation and luxury, is propelling the electric vehicle (EV) revolution forward. With a legacy of redefining the norms in the luxury car market, Lexus is continuously shaping new customer experiences. Their latest developments in EV technology reaffirm this commitment.

At the heart of this evolution are two impressive battery electric vehicle (BEV) concepts, making their debut in Japan with a clear message: “Pushing the boundaries of the electrified experience.” Lexus is on a mission to seize the potential of electrification and emerging technologies, delivering fresh and exciting mobility prospects.

The LF-ZC: Redefining electric sedans

Lexus proudly presents the LF-ZC (Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst), an electric sedan concept designed to redefine electric driving. This concept model offers a glimpse into a new production vehicle, slated for a global release in 2026. The LF-ZC is a bold statement of Lexus’s dedication to the electrified future of luxury.

Lexus LF-ZL.

The LF-ZL: Pioneering the luxury SUV segment

Lexus extends its electrified vision with the LF-ZL (Lexus Future Zero-emission Luxury), a flagship battery-electric SUV concept. This visionary model promises a future of opulent and eco-conscious travel.

Lexus’s commitment to being an electrified brand by 2035 involves revolutionary changes in vehicle design. A groundbreaking modular structure, innovative production techniques and an advanced software platform will redefine the Lexus driving signature. These innovations will lead to enhanced personal luxury experiences that Lexus is renowned for.

The next-generation zero-emission Lexus BEVs are exemplified by the LF-ZC concept, set for global release in 2026, and the futuristic LF-ZL flagship concept. With BEVs’ inherent excellence in terms of inertia and the pioneering DIRECT4 all-wheel drive technology from the RZ, they offer seamless control and an intuitive, linear steering feel through the steer by wire system.

Lexus LF-ZL.

Elevating sustainability with the Bamboo CMF concept

In their quest for sustainability, Lexus presents the Bamboo CMF Concept, which weaves bamboo fibres and threads into the interior’s high-quality elements. Bamboo’s rapid growth and high CO2 absorption properties align perfectly with Lexus’s eco-friendly objectives.

Lexus is leading the way in the electrified luxury car market, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, all while delivering on their commitment to enrich the lives of discerning customers.

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