Chery’s Omoda finds favour among South African buyers

Eye-catching design and impressive technology at an attractive price are propelling Chinese newcomer Omoda to success in the country.

Omoda’s debut year has been remarkable. In April 2024, it captured a significant 12.8% share of the Chery Group’s record-breaking sales, helping it achieve sixth place overall and fourth place in the passenger vehicle segment. This achievement is even more impressive, considering Omoda competed against established brands.

“Omoda’s performance is a testament to the growing appeal of Chinese design, quality, and value proposition,” said Tony Liu, executive deputy general manager for Chery/Omoda and Jaecoo South Africa.

Omoda ranked a respectable 19th out of 54 brands, surpassing several mainstream Japanese and European automakers. Notably, all Omoda sales came through dealerships, indicating strong private buyer confidence in the brand.

“We’re thrilled with the South African market’s response,” said Shannon Gahagan, national brand and marketing manager. “Every sale is a vote of confidence in Omoda.”

Omoda’s success is even more impressive, considering its current offering – the stylish C5 line-up, including the limited edition GT. South Africa was the first African country to welcome Omoda and the C5’s unique design stood out in a crowded market.

Looking ahead, Omoda plans to expand its range with the luxurious C9, the fully electric E5 and the recently revealed C7.

Source: QuickPic


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