Naturally refreshed with injectables

Do your often hear that you look angry or tired while you feel friendly and fresh?

In a modern world of virtual communication and online meetings, increased emphasis is placed on your face. You are no longer only looking at a mirror-image of yourself, but you can see yourself as others do, and might note a few imperfections you haven’t previously. It is said that your appearance and attitude are the first things people notice when they meet you. Second to that is your smile and your eyes.

Investing in your appearance can affect how people treat and relate to you as well as the confidence you exude, and it can certainly help you project a more confident version of yourself to the world around you.

What are MD Codes™?

MD Codes™ originated from Brazilian plastic surgeon, Dr. Mauricio de Maio, who created the 8-Point Lift injection technique. Originally, this specific technique involved injecting dermal filler in 8 strategically chosen points of the face as a way to rejuvenate your appearance in a natural-looking way. Today, MD Codes™ involves injecting Hyaluronic filler into 20 or more points of the face, achieving direct and indirect effects by giving volume and structure to the face.

The MD Codes™ are designed to raise awareness that each aesthetic facial unit (e.g. cheek, chin, lips etc.) comprises subunits that must be respected during injection. These subunits – the MD Codes™ – are the structural sites that will create or recreate the most desirable natural facial architecture for patients.

By introducing the MD Codes™, better facial aesthetic treatment plans and a more comprehensive understanding of the complexity of the human face, is achieved.

What makes MD Codes™ different from other facial treatments?

MD Codes™ are different from other facial treatments because they take into account every component of the face such as the lips, cheeks, and chin. They allow doctors to have a holistic picture of how to create a better facial aesthetic for patients.

How do MD Codes™ affect patients?

The MD Codes methods is about identifying the areas of the face that can ensure we look ‘less angry’, ‘less tired’ and ultimately more youthful, and not simply about reducing the distractions we focus on.

In our social and professional relationships, we relate to each other through the messages of our faces. This is how we speak with the world. However, when we turn our eyes onto ourselves we often zoom in on the tiny distractions that we see in the magnifying mirror or in social media photographs.

This leads to a distorted perspective of how we really look.

Doctors often see this when consulting with patients. When asked what bothers them, or what they want to improve, they usually point to a distraction (e.g. lines and folds) that they see in frontal view when they look at themselves in the mirror or in photographs. However, they are often unaware that this will not change the overall message of the face or how they are perceived by others. Therefore, treatment of this distraction is unlikely to give them the satisfaction with their appearance that they are looking for.

How can one get started with the MD Codes™ treatment?

Although the same process is used on different types of faces, the treatment works according to an individual’s facial features and natural structure.

A detailed assessment of a patient’s face has to be done by a qualified doctor.

Following the full assessment, the ideal plan is discussed according to three levels, consisting of foundational changes, followed by contouring and then refinement. This allows for a proactive approach, starting with the most impactful work first. Depending on budget, patients can work on a manageable, step by step plan. 

Skin Renewal Brooklyn offers MD Codes™ for those seeking a non-surgical procedure that will have your face looking volumized, structured, and naturally refreshed, enhancing the natural features lost over time.

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