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Riaan van Zyl
1 minute read
17 Jan 2017
4:43 pm

Baby’s feet allegedly burnt on stove by domestic worker

Riaan van Zyl

When the employer asked the domestic worker what had happened, she said she didn't know and had found her just like that.

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A Whiteridge family in Roodepoort has warned other parents to be cautious after their domestic worker allegedly burned their baby daughter’s feet on the stove.

The 39-year-old employer (who wished to remain anonymous) heard about the domestic worker in question through one of her neighbour’s domestic workers, Roodepoort Record reported.

She was told that the woman was a good housekeeper and good with children. At first she was apprehensive but due to circumstances, she decided to employ her. She apparently paid her a handsome salary (R3 000), bought her groceries and expensive perfumes, and lent her money when she needed it.

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Her feet after the bandages were removed almost four weeks later.

“On December 22, while at work, the employer received a call from the domestic worker. “You must come quickly. Something is wrong with the baby’s feet,” she said.

“She rushed home and found the baby crying hysterically. She had severe blisters underneath her feet. She asked the domestic worker what had happened, who replied that she did not know and ‘just found her like that’.

The mother rushed her baby to the local Medicross.

The doctor immediately said the burns were either from hot tar (there is none on the family’s property) or a stove.

On returning, she repeatedly asked the domestic worker what had happened, but she stuck to her story. She then left and never returned.

The mother opened a case of child abuse at Sophiatown Police |Station.

– Caxton News Service