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Bianca Pindral
1 minute read
24 Feb 2017
3:10 pm

Alleged burglar slips, ‘accidentally hangs himself’ on the West Rand

Bianca Pindral

It is alleged the man accidentally hanged himself while trying to enter the shop through a small window.

Photo: File Photo

Krugersdorp Police were called to Monument Street this morning after a shop owner discovered a body in his shop, Krugersdorp News reports.

The shop owner discovered the body when he opened the shop for business and immediately contacted the police. It is believed the deceased was trying to burgle the shop, but the space he used to enter the shop was too small for his body.

The man appears to have accidentally hanged himself while trying to enter through a window. Information gathered from the scene suggests his foot slipped, and his head got stuck in the space he was trying to climb through.

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It appears the deceased’s air supply was cut off due to the small opening and suffocated.

Upon further investigation, the police found that the burglar bars had been removed from the window.

The deceased’s identity remains unknown at present.

The Krugersdorp Police have opened an inquest docket and are appealing to the community to assist in establishing the identity of the deceased.

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