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Michelle Izatt
2 minute read
28 Feb 2017
1:20 pm

VIDEO: Unarmed car guard brutally stabbed

Michelle Izatt

The guard was struck, kicked and stabbed repeatedly in a brutal attack that lasted mere seconds before he fell to the ground.

Picture: Thinkstock

CCTV footage has emerged showing the brutal stabbing of a car guard in Beach Road in Durban.

Warning: This video is not for sensitive viewers.

The man was found lying on his stomach in the road with serious injuries resulting from multiple stab wounds.

VEMA paramedics and ER24 treated the injured man at about 8.45pm after he was attacked, stabbed and kicked to the ground in Beach Road near the lagoon end last week Friday, South Coast Sun reported.

CCPO’s George Snodey said on his Facebook page that the attackers were car thieves who had intentions of stealing a Golf in front of Sweetwaters that night. When the guard refused to look the other way, the two men armed with knives waited for him further up the road, where they pounced.

The footage shows the car guard approaching from the Rogies Park end of Beach Road towards Sweetwaters, as they cross the road towards him. At the last second, they struck, kicked and stabbed him repeatedly in a brutal attack that lasted mere seconds before he fell to the ground. They fled on foot.

Snodey said the same guard was involved in a similar incident a few months ago, where he had helped others to arrest a car thief who was already inside a car, trying to steal it.

“We have a dilemma here where people don’t want the illegal car guards, which is understandable, as we arrest a lot of them for various crimes like theft, housebreaking, robbery and so on.

“However, the fact of the matter is there are some really honest, good guys out there doing their job. If they are chased away and cannot earn an honest living, they are going to resort to crime. They often supply us with invaluable leads to other crimes and take us to show us where these thugs live,” said Snodey.

– Caxton News Service

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