Corlia Kruger
1 minute read
23 Mar 2017
9:39 am

WATCH: Thieves burgle house in PTA North

Corlia Kruger

The suspects leave the home then come back for more items to steal.

One of the suspects that burgled house in the North. Photo: Supplied

Police are investigating a burglary in the north of Pretoria after the emergence of video footage showing two thieves plundering a home, Pretoria North Rekord reports.

Ilze Lourens, who resides in Doornpoort, said:  “The perpetrators knew exactly what they were looking for and where we hid our valuables.”

Lourens said the thieves broke into her home on Saturday while she and her husband were visiting family.

“In broad daylight they broke in to steal our possessions and electronic wares,” she said.

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The burglars left with their loot in a Toyota Corolla, but later returned for more items. A part of the security footage shows the burglars’ first arrival.

The video shows them waiting outside the premises and then the second video captured shows the thieves’ return.

One man rushes into house to steal electronic items.

Police have yet to make an arrest.

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