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Nicholas Zaal
1 minute read
5 May 2017
12:27 pm

Boy, 3, falls 14 floors to his death in Randburg CBD

Nicholas Zaal

Paramedics arrived shortly after the mother went down to pick up the baby, who was declared dead on the scene.

The building where the boy fell from.

A boy, 3, has fallen to his death in the Randburg CBD on Friday.

According to an anonymous eyewitness, the three-year-old fell from about the 14th floor of a building in Pretoria Avenue at about 8.15am, Randburg Sun reported.

“Cleaners outside saw the baby fall, and we called the trustees. At about 8.45am, the mother came outside and picked up the baby,” she said, adding that the baby already appeared dead.

Paramedics arrived shortly after the mother and declared the baby dead.

“They put the baby back down and covered him with a blanket. Randburg police are now with the mother, and father, who just arrived. They asked the crowd to leave.”

Randburg police spokesperon Makgowanyana Maja said he was unaware of the incident, but he would comment soon.

More to come.

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