Erik van Dijk
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23 May 2017
12:55 pm

Speed of bunny sterilisations raises concerns

Erik van Dijk

Close to 2 000 bunnies have been adopted from the Bunny Park while work to revamp the property goes ahead.

Tania Forrest-Smith (founder of the Save the Bunny Park Animals group) kisses one of the bunnies at the Bunny Park.

Tania Forrest-Smith, committee member of the Ward 27 environmental portfolio, said the rate of the sterilisations, which is now at around 1 600 bunnies, is not keeping up with the pace of the bunnies’ reproduction, Benoni City Times reports.

“The metro needs to appoint more veterinarians to speed up the process,” she said.

Clr Jacques Meiring (Ward 27) said everything is going smoothly, but concurred that sterilisations must speed up.

“It hasn’t been a problem yet, but it’s a little concerning; the process must accelerate, so it doesn’t hinder the revamp,” Meiring said.

Additionally, drives are being held at the facility every Sunday, at 8.30am, during which members of the public can either help feed the animals, or catch bunnies with mange.

All the animals, except the pigs, were removed from the park by early April. Although the pigs were meant to stay at the park, one was moved to Springs after the other, named Gorgeous, was found dead on May 12.

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“It is so sad and we just had to move the other pig, named Ouma, from the park after that,” said Forrest-Smith.

The park closed on March 1, for the revamp to start and the refurbishment project is expected to last until at least July.

Save the Bunny Park Animals, a group founded by Forrest-Smith, will continue feeding the bunnies at the park.

She said they need donations of food, especially pellets, for the bunnies.

To adopt a bunny or donate food, contact Forrest-Smith on or 084 601 1061 (WhatsApp only).


Bunny Park readies for its facelift

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