Thabang Buthelezi
2 minute read
23 May 2017
4:58 pm

‘MTN’ tells white woman ‘at least you still have land’ after data complaint

Thabang Buthelezi

MTN allegedly told a customer that although her data and airtime disappeared, she at least still had 'the land'.

An MTN user wrote a complaint tweet to the MTN customer Twitter account at the weekend, stating that the service provider had startlingly taken her data and airtime from her phone, and no one from the service provider had allegedly replied to the email she had sent earlier regarding the matter.

In response to the customer’s inquiry, MTN allegedly made a comment saying what had happened to her was sad – however, at least she still had land.

“That’s sad, but at least you have the land,” the account supposedly belonging to MTN tweeted.

Though the tweet was allegedly removed from the account, a screenshot was taken of it and it circulated on social media. It sparked some debate on the issue of land redistribution, as well as why a corporate company with a mix of clients would want to get itself caught up in such a controversial issue.

The EFF has led the debate on the land issue, emphasising their view that it has taken too much time for black people to have land that was previously taken from them.

The land issue has been discussed in parliament, often very heatedly.

Twitter found MTN’s comment shocking and hilarious. A Twitter user went on to say the country needed more black people to tell white people where to get off. As hilarious as it may have appeared for some people, The Citizen contacted MTN for comment on the matter.

MTN has since responded stating that the tweet was sent from a parody account which has since been shut down.


MTN distances itself from ‘land’ tweet, says it was sent from parody account


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