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Riaan van Zyl
1 minute read
21 Jul 2017
9:06 am

Pit bull attack: owner refuses to comment on wife’s condition

Riaan van Zyl

The neighbour had to shoot the dogs to save the owner’s life.

The two dogs were shot by Lorraine Brown in order to save her neighbour’s life. Picture: Roodepoort Record

The husband of the woman who was attacked by her own pit bull terriers on Sunday, 16 July, has refused to comment on his wife’s condition, Roodepoort Record records.

When phoned by Roodepoort Record to enquire about the victim’s well-being, the man became hostile. He insisted on knowing where the journalist had got his cellphone number from. He then repeatedly yelled: “It’s my private business,” before slamming the phone down.

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His neighbour, Lorraine Brown, had to shoot both the dogs after they attacked the woman. She shoved the firearm into the mouth of one of the dogs before shooting it, even though the dog had managed to bite her.

She shot the second dog when she saw it going for the woman’s face. By that time, it had already mauled her chest and arm.

Brown had to be treated at a clinic, while her neighbour had to be hospitalised.


64-year-old woman shoots two pit bull terriers to save owner’s life

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