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Maritza van Zyl
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23 Aug 2017
2:48 pm

Dog killer ‘warning’ West Rand community

Maritza van Zyl

Residents say they are fearful of the so-called dog killer's’ next move after two recent barbaric incidents.

The dogs grave. Next to it, you can clearly see burnt material.

Concerns are growing among the residents of Venterspost following two barbaric acts on dogs, Randfontein Herald reports.

Demi van Wyk, a resident in the area said everyone is fearful of what the so-called dog killers’ next move will be.

The first incident was on Wednesday 16 August when, what is believed to be a labrador, had two tyres put around its body when it was still alive and set alight. According to an elderly woman who lives next to the veld, the dog was crying out in pain. Afterwards the woman buried the dog.

Three days later, on Saturday, 19 August, a dog’s head was left in front of Van Wyk’s house. She said she left her house at about 8.50am to go to Krugersdorp. Less than an hour later her neighbour phoned her to tell her about the remains of an adult dog lying in front of her gate. The neighbour believed the dry blood on the dog’s head to be an indication that the animal had been dead for a while before it was left at the gate.

Sannie Kruger, member of AfriForum, contacted the SPCA and the Westonaria Police. According to Van Wyk, “The police said this is a definite warning of some sorts.”

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Demi van Wyk, founder of the Venterspost Community Group next to the spot where the dogs head was found.

Demi van Wyk, founder of the Venterspost Community Group next to the spot where the dogs head was found.

Van Wyk, who is an animal lover, finds this hard to process. She has two small children, and since the incident they are scared. Van Wyk – who was a member of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) in Kimberley for 15 years – said to top it all, her Yorkie was poisoned the same day.

Luckily the Yorkie survived because she was able to give him treatment immediately.

When asked on what she made of all this, she said, “I really do not know. This is the big question.”

Rumours are doing the rounds in Venterspost that it could be the work of a sangoma, but there is no proof. Van Wyk said among the biggest problems they have in Venterspost is dog poisoning.

She also alleged that there are a number on illegal shebeens in the area and that causes a lot of fights. Residents are fearful and as Kruger said: “This is extremely disturbing and if it could be done to animals, what will be done to our community?”


Dog’s head left in front of house

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