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8 Feb 2018
12:00 pm

Consider a date with Mopsi the Husky this Valentine’s Day


A date with Mopsi may be all the cheering up you need this Valentine's Day.

Mopsi the Husky. Picture: Husky Rescue South Africa/Facebook.

Husky Rescue South Africa’s fundraising skills have reached new heights, with their Valentine’s Day auction.

If you decide to participate in the auction, you stand a chance to win a date with Mopsi, dubbed the ‘diva of the haven’. The date includes lunch with champagne on Saturday, 17 February, at a venue near Husky Rescue.

Mopsi will only be on auction on Tuesday 13 February, from 5pm to 9pm, so if the dating world is not being so kind to you this Valentine’s Day, consider spending your money on a good cause.

Let a Husky steal your heart this Valentine's Day.

Let a Husky steal your heart this Valentine’s Day.

Husky Rescue South Africa was founded in 2008, in response to the popularity of the Siberian, Malamute and other Nordic dog breeds. The rise in popularity subsequently led to a sharp increase in lost and abandoned Nordic dog breeds, owing to irresponsible backyard breeders trying to profit on the growing trend. In addition, huskies need special care and have specific needs, many of which are not met by ordinary dog owners in the country. This increases instances of abuse in these dog breeds.

Click here to like their Facebook page, or call 082 851 9576.

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