Andrei van Wyk
2 minute read
18 Dec 2018
9:57 am

Kruger Sightings founder gets Gold Play Button for hitting one million YouTube subscribers

Andrei van Wyk

Nadav Ossendryver is the founder of Kruger Sightings, a channel that publishes wildlife sightings.

Glenhazel resident and Youtuber Nadav Ossendryver with his Gold Play Button.

Glenhazel resident and prominent YouTuber Nadav Ossendryver has received his YouTube Gold Play Button for hitting one million subscribers on the Kruger Sightings channel, reports North Eastern Tribune.

Ossendryver is the founder of Kruger Sightings, a YouTube platform built on wildlife videos from around Africa. He launched the channel in 2011 when he was just 15 years old.

The channel started out of his love for wildlife and he grew the platform by asking people to share their animal sightings in real-time.

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After seven years of hard work, the channel has received over 800 million views from around the world, averaging at seven views per second. Ossendryver said the success of the channel was also due to the Latest Sighting Community, where visitors to various game reserves shared their videos which were then published on the YouTube page.

He added: “Our YouTube channel has not only helped partners earn an income, but importantly it has helped promote South Africa as an important wildlife destination. We want people to come to South Africa instead of going to other countries.

“Because our videos are seen around the world, wildlife and conservation are promoted in a time where our wildlife is threatened every day.”

Ossendryver expanded the Latest Sightings Community in April by creating a booking tracking system at Kruger National Park for content producers and others who would like to visit.

He said he was aware of the struggle many had in booking at the park and a Latest Sightings Community member would be able to track cancellations in order to receive accommodation.

Ossendryver added the YouTube channel’s future would see an expansion to more game parks and give many more people the opportunity to visit and experience South Africa’s wildlife.


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