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15 Jan 2020
1:11 pm

Kittens, cat thrown out of moving car during festive season in Free State


Only one of the four kittens was rescued, while the incident took place no more than 2km from the Virginia SPCA.

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A trip to the shops took a shocking turn for Virginia resident Ryno Shawe, after he and his partner witnessed a couple throwing kittens and a mother cat out of a moving car at the end of December last year.

As they embarked on their journey, Ryno said he told his partner to watch out for a kitten running on the road.

As they continued driving towards a nearby bridge, they saw a second kitten thrown out of the car. In a panic, Ryno and his partner opted to follow the car, in an attempt to get the number plate.

In the process, Ryno said the second kitten, disoriented, jumped off the bridge. Despite search attempts, it was nowhere to be found.

While following the car, a third animal, this time presumed to be the mother of the litter, was thrown out of the moving car, near a nursery school.

It was then that Ryno and the driver approached a set of traffic lights, which they decided to stop at, as a fourth cat was thrown out of the car.

Ryno decided to take action and got out of the car to save the terrified kitten. He said when he finally caught him, he had a badly cut and swollen lip, and was clearly malnourished and in pain.

Yoshimura just after he was rescued. Image: Supplied

He knew he had to give up chasing the car, which he said had dark, tinted windows, to save the kitten he had just caught. He took it to the Virginia SPCA and visited him every two days, until adoption procedures were followed and he was microchipped and finally sent home with Ryno.

What irks Ryno more than the horrifying incident is the fact that the Virginia SPCA was located no more than 2km from where the kittens and cat were dumped, he said. They could simply have been handed in there to find loving homes.

Yoshimura on Christmas Day last year. Image: Supplied

Ryno did manage to write down the number plate of the car, which he described as being a large vehicle with tinted windows.

The Virginia SPCA confirmed they were still investigating the incident, as they were not sure what model or make the car was yet. They had however visited the traffic department to review any footage that could be made available, to ascertain what car it was and possibly who the driver or owner is.

While the incident was disturbing, Ryno said there were quite a few cars on the road, but only they and another car stopped to try to rescue the kittens.

He said he went back to the stretch of road where the kittens and cat were thrown out, but still could not find any of them.

Ryno has named his adopted rescue Yoshimura. His injuries have healed, and he has become trusting and loving since finding his furever home.

Yoshimura after some love and care. Image: Supplied

Updates on the Virginia SPCA’s investigation to follow as more information is made available.

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