Sipho Mabena
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21 Oct 2020
4:55 am

‘It has been a traumatic experience,’ says ‘Coloured’ teacher Glen Snyman

Sipho Mabena

As the founder of People Against Race Classification, it is ironic Snyman found himself a victim of the demon he has been advocating against for over a decade.

Teacher Glen Snyman allegedly committed the misconduct when he was applying for a principal job which he did not get. Picture: Facebook

Glen Snyman, pictured, was never pale enough to call himself “European” according to the race rule of apartheid. But now, in a democratic, supposedly nonracial, South Africa, he is not dark enough to call himself “African”. The Western Cape teacher lived the better part of his life through racial classification, was told who he was during apartheid, but it had never occurred to him that he would relive that humiliation in the democratic South Africa. “I am very tired, my head is actually aching nonstop. It has been a traumatic experience but I am just glad it turned out the...