Kevin Ritchie
2 minute read
25 Apr 2021
5:44 pm

Knife maker inspired by SA’s Bush war for his blades

Kevin Ritchie

Sean Culhane has had a tremendous response to his series of knives commemorating the thirty years the SADF spent fighting the Bush War.

MEMORIES. Sean Culhane holds up the first of what will be 30 boot knives commemorating the SADF and later SANDF General Service Medal, which he made in his Roodepoort workshop. Picture: Kevin Ritchie

Roodepoort-based knifemaker Sean Culhane has just completed the first of his third and final boot knives commemorating South Africa’s 30-year Bush War, which began in 1969 and ended in 1989. Three years ago, on the 30th anniversary of the end of the Bush War, the Roodepoort-based knifemaker produced his “Pro Patria” edition. The knife was inspired by the actual medal issued to soldiers serving in the “red zone” or operational area from 1974 onwards – the handle reflected the colours of the medal ribbon, with a miniature of the actual medal  embedded into the African hardwood handle and its design...