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5 May 2021
2:02 pm

In Memes: If Leo Prinsloo is such a badass, how scary are Robbie and Josh?

Siyanda Ndlovu

As more details emerge about the new toughest man on the planet, South Africans have done what South Africans do best and turned him into a meme.

Leo Prinsloo. Picture: Facebook / The Edge Shooting Academy

If nerves of steel were to become person, they would probably resemble Leo Prinsloo, the security operator who foiled a heist during a high-speed chase on the N4 highway in Pretoria.

Prinsloo has become an internet sensation with memes likening him to Chuck Norris or even better our very own John Wick.

He made headlines over the weekend when leaked dashcam footage from the attempted CIT heist quickly went viral on social media.

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Prinsloo and his partner Lloyd Mtombeni (who was only in his fourth day on the job), appear to have been targeted by a criminal gang, who fired several shots at their vehicle. The pair were apparently escorting another vehicle, when they came under attack.

This hardly fazed Prinsloo, who in the video from a cabin camera can be seen glancing in the rear view mirror moments before a series of bullets hit the reinforced glass of the Toyota Land Cruiser, calmly manages to manoeuvre his Land Cruiser out of danger, while giving his partner instructions, passing a weapon, and driving to safety.

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While manoeuvring through traffic to escape the shooters, Prinsloo also instructed his partner to call Robbie and Josh, who are presumably members of their team. This question is, however, if Prinsloo is such a badass, how scary are Robbie and Josh?

New video footage released by eNCA journalist Barry Bateman also shows how the robbers appear to become Prinsloo’s prey, and he almost takes one out while speeding toward them.

As with any news in South Africa, Prinsloo quickly became the subject of a myriad of memes, several of which poke fun at his colourful language while foiling the heist.

Prinsloo’s creative language also drew some international attention in a Reddit thread (Warning: Explicit Language) of over 200 comments, where South Africans attempt to explain the multiple ways in some of the words he uttered can be used.

Another meme couldn’t help but notice Prinsloo’s resemblance to the invincible Agent Smith in the Matrix movies.

Leo Prinsloo memes

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Leo Prinsloo

And you know Prinsloo has earned the world’s respect, when even the toughest man alive starts calling him for help.

Leo Prinsloo, South Africa's Chuck Norris