Andre De Kock
Motorsport Editor
4 minute read
16 May 2021
8:58 pm

A man with oil running through his veins

Andre De Kock

Pablo Clark is the pseudonym of a man who once drove race cars and now restores them for a living, and who has built a shrine to the prancing pony in Johannesburg.

Paolo Cavalieri poses for a photograph next to a Ferrari 250 GTM, built in 1961, rebodied to Short Wheelbase configuration, V12, 3 litre, tribute to Sir Stirling Moss, at Pablo Clark in the Kyalami Business Park in Midrand, 5 May 2021. Pablo Clark specialises in the sales, servicing and support of Ferrari road and racing cars. Picture: Michel Bega

Ferrari. The name evokes emotion. For motorsport enthusiasts, it is the appreciation of a heritage like no other. Just about every F1 Grand Prix since the first one in 1950 has been contested by two red Ferraris. For road car enthusiasts, the name brings envy. Most of them know they will never sit in a Ferrari, drive one or own one. The dream of actually racing one ranks right up there with winning Olympic gold medals or the Oscar for Best Male Actor. NGK Pablo Clark Racing in Kyalami Business Park, Midrand, make such dreams come true. They are South...