Narissa Subramoney
Copy rewriter
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15 Jan 2022
7:58 am

Repairs to Lotus substation underway after lightning causes fire

Narissa Subramoney

Lotus Substation caught fire after lightning struck its feeder boards. Repairs are expected to continue until Monday.

Photo: Twitter/@CityPowerJHB

Repairs to Lotus Substation, where fire gutted one of the feeder boards on Friday morning, are underway.

Technicians were on-site from yesterday, conducting mop-up operations.

Lotus substation repairs

The team, led by Acting CEO Tshifularo Mashava, was joined by Environment Infrastructure Service Department MMC Michael Sun to ensure the recovery plans are implemented at the soonest.

Preliminary investigations at the substation near Lenasia show the fire was started after a bolt of lightning struck a transformer during Friday’s thunderstorms.

“The fire was so severe that the whole feeder board was razed to the ground,” said Sun.

Residents in the following areas have been without power since Thursday:

  • Zakkariya Park
  • Vlakfontein
  • Hospital Hill
  • Parts of Lenasia South

There have also been reports that other nearby substations tripped on the fire impact, which could have affected the power supply to other areas around Lenasia.

Technicians’ estimate that repairs will continue into Monday.

However, the team is looking at alternative ways to ensure power is restored to those affected, especially critical services such as clinics and the police.

A mobile feeder board was delivered on-site on Friday evening.

“We expect that the feeder board will be connected by Saturday afternoon after the work on joints and terminations is done,” said Sun.

“We will then do the tests on the mobile feeder board and the standby transformer, and should it pass, we should start with gradual restorations from Sunday evening.”

Residents urged to be vigilant

But, it should be noted that City Power’s restoration plans hinge on Eskom also completing its repairs to their feeder board also damage by the fire.

Sun has urged the residents to be vigilant during this time of darkness and protect the infrastructure from vandalism and theft.

City Power has also beefed up security patrols along with all its installations across the affected area and we are working with the police, JMPD, and the CPF.

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