Hein Kaiser
3 minute read
6 May 2022
5:18 am

PICS: SAPS members live among human waste, damp, peeling paint and filth

Hein Kaiser

A resident of the flat complex told The Citizen: 'I would rather stay at work than come home to ama-kaka and the rest of this mess.'

Human waste, damp, peeling paint and filth greet residents of SAPS barracks daily. Picture: Hein Kaiser

It stinks to be a cop in Kempton Park. By day, members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) are expected to serve and protect, yet they go home to a dilapidated excuse for family accommodation, courtesy of the state. A spread of poo has replaced welcome mats at the SAPS complex’s main entrance. The stench is so bad that it sticks to your palate. You can taste it. The human waste is dammed up along a few tributaries of an algae and toilet paper-filled stream that runs through the parking lot. The water source: a leaking water pump at...