Lunga Simelane
2 minute read
10 May 2022
8:07 am

‘Can’t sit on the fence’: Steenhuisen told Ukrainians ‘ANC does not speak for SA’

Lunga Simelane

DA leader John Steenhuisen slammed the ANC government for not condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Photo: John Steenhuisen

Back on his trip from Ukraine, Democratic Alliance leader John Steenhuisen slammed the ANC-led government’s failure to directly condemn its “Brics ally” Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. According to Steenhuisen, the conflict in Ukraine was a fight between good and evil and no country should “sit on the fence”. Steenhuisen said during his visit, when asked about the ANC’s decision to sit on the fence regarding the war, he told Ukrainians the ANC most certainly did not speak for South Africa on Ukraine. WATCH: Steenhuisen in Ukraine “I told them all the same thing, our ANC government speaks...