Kgomotso Phooko
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9 Jun 2022
5:37 pm

Missing Children SA partners with Tractor Outdoor to put missing children on billboards

Kgomotso Phooko

Missing Children SA's Bianca van Aswegen said the billboards will make more people aware of missing children.

Picture: iStock

Missing Children SA has partnered with Tractor Outdoor to help reunite missing children with their families.

The organisation assists authorities and families when a child goes missing in South Africa. The partnership with Tractor Outdoor will put missing children’s faces on electronic billboards.

Speaking to Radio 702, Missing Children SA national coordinator Bianca van Aswegen said the partnership will make more people aware of missing children.

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to use their electronic billboards to put the status of those missing children out there. Yes, fliers go out on social media but this means our fliers will be put on electronic billboards,” said Van Aswegen.

She said the visibility of the billboards will lead to more people becoming aware of the missing children and can lead to a quick turnaround in bringing the children back.

Van Aswegen urges parents or guardians to immediately report if a child goes missing.

She has also said that in an instance where a child goes missing in a mall, parents should immediately get security to close the mall.

“That is something you really should do, the type of clothing the child was wearing is very important. Dress young children in brightly coloured clothes when going to a mall so they are easily spotted,” said  Van Aswegen.

She also said there is an amber alert in the country, where the police put out fliers on Facebook immediately when a child goes missing.

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