Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
2 minute read
1 Jul 2022
7:20 am

Red Star’s tight corners to add spice to Toyota GR Cup

Mark Jones

Miss your brake markers on the straights and you could end up in the mielies.

The Citizen Road Test Editor Mark Jones is third in the Toyota GR Cup championship standings.

With three rounds behind us, we are creeping up on the halfway point in this year’s seven-round Toyota Gazoo Racing South Africa GR Cup.

We have seen a few runaway flag-to-flag victories, the odd podium upset, and some rather expensive metal getting bent.

Some drivers have been quite serious, others not so much, but most importantly, I would like to think most of us have had a whole lot of fun showing the man in the street and the racing aficionado alike just what Gazoo Racing brings to the Toyota party in terms of factory dynamics off the showroom floor.

The serious part sees the once overseas GT driver, Ashley Oldfield, well out ahead on 39 points. He is followed by well-known rear-wheel drive specialist, Thomas Falkiner, on 27 points.

While the final step on the Toyota GR Cup podium at this stage is occupied by the grumpy old man of the series, me, with 22 points, that is not that far ahead of the hard charging young karting punk, Sean Nurse on 15 points.

Ex-Group N Production Car lady Jeanette Kok-Kritzinger and local Top Gear boss Lerato Matebese slot in with nine and six points respectively.

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But I think things can get a bit mixed up on Saturday in the fourth round of the National Extreme Series at Red Star Raceway.

This is a track which seems to have a bunch of confusing, never-ending twists and turns, joined together by one short straight and one really long straight.

Lots of tight corners make for more places to run wide and make mistakes, and the straights offer repeated opportunities to miss brake markers and end up in the mielies.

Some have had no track time here, others a few laps, but Falkiner loves this place and has taken home a trunkful of silverware from his outings in the fields of Delmas. He just could be the man to beat this weekend.

Round Five of National Extreme Series will be run at the East London GP circuit on the weekend of 5 August.

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