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9 tips to make your pregnancy journey easier

Try these!

Being pregnant is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t personally experienced it. The closet description is that you suddenly go from driving a hatchback to the front and centre of a ten-ton truck.  Here are our tips to see you through

1. Tape you belly button with plaster under your clothes

As if having a large baby bump isn’t conspicuous all the time, on the actual bump your actual belly button tends to pop out when your preggie. So most times people are either taking in your bump or your belly button- you can never tell. Taping that belly button down flat with a plaster will do the trick.

 2. Use your bump as a table for snacks

Yes, you read that right! Pregnancy comes with hectic cravings so why not keep all the sweets you are craving on your bump – that way they are easier to reach!

 3. Use Olive oil as stretch mark oil

While in your first pregnancy you may go through tons of stretch mark and always have a back bottle of oil, just in case you run out. With second and third pregnancies, you figure that olive oil and other oils work just as well because stretchmarks are case by dry skin cracking. Less cracking, less stretch marks.

4. Use bra extenders to accommodate your larger pregnancy bust

Skip the large expense of new bras and buy a couple of temporary bra extenders. These should keep you going for a long while and when you eventually buy new ones make it feeding ones that you’ll still get good use out of post birth.

5. Get jean extenders or use an elastic hairband to fit into your denim

While jeans a staple go to item in any woman’s life, they pose a major challenge for pregnancy – unless ofcourse you hack them with jean extenders or your hairband. Slip on your jeans, leave the zip open and let the extender or hair elastic fill/ bring together gap  between and you can be pregnant and still enjoy your favourite looks.


6. Wear your takkies with elastic laces

Sooner or later when you’re in your pregnant body, you won’t reach your feet and will be unable to wear shoes with laces because you won’t be able to tie your shoes. So you can either stick to slip on’s or you can go ahead and wear your takkies but with elastic shoelaces- no bending required.Soak swollen feet in salt water

7. Soak swollen feet in salt water

Swollen feet and pregnancy go together like the sushi and soysauce that you can’t eat. Counter this water retention by soaking your feet in salt water regularly to reduce swelling.

8. Wear silk pyjamas to make it easier to turn in bed

Unfortunately, the further along you go in your pregnancy, the harder it gets to turn easily at night. Make it easier by wearing silk so you can slip and slide into a comfortable position.

9. Use an inner tube to lie on your stomach

Miss lying on your stomach? No worries inflate a round donut shape inner tube, lie face down on it. The hole will support your stomach, while you get to relax your back.


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