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Parties call for EC premier’s resignation

ActionSA and the DA want more to be done to address the allegations against Oscar Mabuyane.

ActionSA is demanding the immediate resignation of Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane in light of allegations surrounding the fraudulent acquisition of his master’s degree from Fort Hare University.

According to a press statement released by the party, its members believe that Mabuyane’s actions reveal a pattern of self-interest rather than a commitment to serving the communities that face unemployment and inadequate service delivery within the province.

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ActionSA Eastern Cape chairperson Athol Trollip explained that while seeking to expose the true state of affairs under Mabuyane’s leadership, party members previously embarked on a march to the Eastern Cape Office of the Premier in April.

“The recent revelation of the degree fraud scandal adds to the party’s mounting criticisms of Mabuyane’s tenure, further eroding public trust,” he said.

According to a detailed forensic report obtained by News24, Oscar Mabuyane’s master’s degree was allegedly obtained through a deceitful research proposal orchestrated by the academic staff at Fort Hare University, allegedly led by a tainted university professor and a team of ghost writers.

The report suggests that the university’s Department of Public Administration had been involved in providing tailored degrees to well-connected politicians who exploited public funds to acquire fictitious qualifications for personal gain.

Ethical questioning

Trollip said that Mabuyane’s conduct in previous years had also faced ethical questioning.

“In January, concerns were raised regarding his alleged involvement in the misappropriation of funds from the Winnie Madikizela Local Municipality,” he said.

Trollip added that this matter was not properly investigated, prompting further doubts about Mabuyane’s commitment to ethical governance.

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Meanwhile, the DA’s Nqaba Bhanga is demanding that Mabuyane must tell the truth following the allegations levelled against him in the report.

“Premier Oscar Mabuyane must come clean about the details surrounding his research proposal to obtain a master’s and PhD in Public Administration, as well as his relationship with tainted University of Fort Hare professor Edwin Ijeoma.

“Not only are the allegations extremely serious, but they also raise serious questions about the ethical conduct of the premier and, left unanswered, bring his term of leadership into serious dispute,” he said.

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