Charlize Theron would rather shoot an action movie over homeschooling

Charlize Theron regarded homeschooling as "incredibly stressful'.

Charlize Theron would rather take on the physical tolls and gruelling training of preparing for an action movie, than homeschool her two children…

Yep, that’s right, the Oscar-winning actress is experiencing the same woes as us when it comes to teaching her kids in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Describing the experience as “incredibly stressful”, Charlize admitted she’d rather suffer from stunt injuries like injuring her spine (and almost paralysing herself in the process), tearing a tendon in her thumb, or cracking her molars – all of which she’s already done – than go through it all again.

In an interview with Willie Geist from the Sunday Today show, she said of her lockdown challenges; “I’d say the biggest challenge for me is just homeschooling.

Theron wants her daughters to feel represented in Hollywood

Charlize Theron says she’s making choices as a producer and actor to ensure her “two small, beautiful African American daughters” will feel represented on-screen. The actress – who stars in Netflix action movie “The Old Guard” – also discusses her…

“It was an incredibly stressful time for me, and I will make any action movie over and over and over again before I homeschool again.”

Charlize – who is mom to two daughters – added that functioning through lockdown, especially as a single parent “takes a village”.

She continued; “It’s one of those jobs where it takes a village. You need a lot of people in order to do it, and I don’t know how we’re going to do that anytime soon in a safe manner.”

Meanwhile Charlize claims she is using her South African childhood experience to raise her two black adopted daughters

Of experiencing Apartheid and the beginning of the HIV pandemic, she said; “(Reflecting on my childhood) helped me in a weird way to kind of navigate how we went about telling my girls what was happening right now, in a way that wouldn’t freak them out or scare them or wouldn’t feel appropriate, but also felt truthful.

“There’s a sense of innocent loss. Like, their innocence, you know, there’s a little bit of their innocence that were there before that’s not there now…But in a weird way, I see how it’s empowered them … and that’s a good thing.”

Watch the full interview below;

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