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7 Apr 2020
1:51 pm

Four immune-boosting exercises you can do at home

Thami Kwazi

Many people struggle with sufficient upper-body strength to do push-ups, but you can build yourself up with these great tips.

Twitter/Zinhle Masango

Can you do sit-ups? It’s week two of the lockdown and the fitness series continues bringing you new routines to try at home.

The sit-up challenge has been trending since lockdown began but many people struggle with sufficient upper-body strength to do push-ups. Personal trainer Zinhle Masango (Zee fitnessjunke ) shows us how to take part in the challenge with easier push-ups for beginners and four upper-body routines that help keep your body lean.

Masango’s routines can be done anywhere and don’t require any gym equipment.

She teamed up with The Citizen to give weekly home fitness exercises over this period.

Masango also gives weekly fitness advice on @947joburg every Wednesday at 1.40pm

What you need: Exercise mat or long towel, smaller towel to wipe your face and body; 500ml water bottle (drink when necessary)

Where: Any floor surface
Time: 30- 45 mins
Frequency: Daily for five days (repeat jumping jacks on day five)
Work-out routine:
1. Jumping Jacks
2. Push-ups
3. Triceps Dips
4. Superman

Tip: Get moving! If you’re a beginner, watch the push-up tutorial carefully and go easy. Once you have sufficient upper-body strength, try full push-ups.

You might not be able to do a full 45 minutes. Begin with 15 each morning or when you feel you have time during the day.

Breathing is important.

Zinhle can be found at:
@zee_fitnessjunkie (Instagram )

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