Rorisang Kgosana
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3 minute read
5 Apr 2021
5:39 pm

Easter booze rules reduce drunk driving but cause super-spreader events

Rorisang Kgosana

'Probably in 10 days’ time we can see what happens to the country’s infection rate and know whether we are successful or not,' says Professor Glenda Gray

Picture: Nigel Sibanda

South Africa might have won in getting drunk drivers off the roads by closing bottle stores over the Easter lockdown weekend, but permitting on-site consumption of alcohol could have led to super-spreader events, with its impact to be seen in more than a week's time. In attempting to limit the potential spread of Covid-19 during the Easter holidays, President Cyril Ramaphosa again banned the sale of alcohol but for off-site consumption. Taverns, pubs and restaurants could continue to serve alcohol until the imposed curfew of midnight. But it seemed some did not adhere to restrictions. In Soweto, a police operation...