Daily hacks: How to make your guests feel at home over the Easter weekend

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Some of you may be planning to have some of your loved ones over to spend the Easter weekend with you and your family, and so it is important to ensure that your home is in the perfect condition to make your guests feel at home.

Instagram’s favourite cleaning hacks mom, Carolina McCauley, has taken to social media to share some helpful tips on what to do to ensure that your guests have the most pleasant and comfortable stay while visiting your home over the Easter weekend.

Cosy linen

Making sure that your guests get the most comfortable sleep during their stay in your home is very important as a good nights rest puts ones mind and body at ease.

Wash all the linen in your guest bedroom with added vinegar and lavender oil to make your linen appear much brighter, and to also make sure that your linen smells amazing and fresh throughout your guests stay.

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Soften guest towels

Nothing beats using a soft fresh towel after a good bubble bath or steaming hot shower. When washing your guests towel in preparation for their visit, make sure to add baking powder to the wash cycle to ensure that the towel are left looking super white and feeling much softer.

Try to offer your guests fresh towels frequently throughout their stay to ensure that the have an amazing bath or shower experience each time.

Scented candles

Leave some scented candles in your guests room and in their bathroom to ensure that their spaces in your home are always left smelling good.

Scented candles have a soothing and calming effect on the body, and may help put your guests at ease and at peace during their stay in your home.

Overnight basket

Often times it is easy to forget some toiletry essentials when packing to spend some time away from home.

Ensure that your guests are provided with a small overnight basket that has some necessities such as soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush, a wash cloth, and some body lotion which would be extremely helpful throughout their stay in your home.

Having an overnight basket available in your guests room or bathroom also makes them feel very cared for and welcomed in your home, making their stay much more enjoyable.

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