New online platform launched to aid creatives in music industry

The purpose of the platform is to better the music industry as a whole; and to sustain the careers of artists.

Munya Chanetsa has launched a platform called Masters of the Industry Africa (MOTI) ; which will give creatives an opportunity to better their careers and change the narrative of this craft.

M.O.T.I is an online skills-sharing platform and resource that addresses the fact that basic information on the music industry is not readily available to the creative sector.

According to the founder of MOTI, the purpose of the platform is to better the music industry as a whole; and to sustain the careers of artists; as it can help members of MOTI have ownership to their projects.

“Our platform provides robust yet easy-to-understand music industry information through step by step videos for anyone wanting to enter the music industry or better formalise and understand the mechanics necessary to maintaining a sustainable and lucrative career,” Munya Chanetsa said.

He said his move to Composers, Authors and Publishers Association (CAPASSO) in 2018 has helped him have a different view on the industry; even though he has been in this space for close to ten years.

“I realized I had very little knowledge on the whole copyright infringement and publishing side of the industry,” he said.

In 2020; he remade the famous song Mbube to shed light on the copyright infringement issues. He has worked with the likes of Mahotella queens, and other music industry colleagues on this particular project. However, that project did not work out as he had intended; hence, the creation of MOTI after two years in the works.

Munya emphasized on the lack of owning or collecting of royalties by artists and he stated that Moti provides assistance to creatives to protect their ideas and work to not get copyrighted.

There’s a video people can watch which can help them use the website to their own liking and how to utilize certain features.


He urges creatives to utilise the platform as it is made for them.

The idea of the platform is to build more ‘masters of the industry’.

“We need to start encouraging business-minded people, as we need more people like that in the media industry,” the founder said.


There are subscriptions artists can choose from. There’s a free-way model and a paid-for model.

The free-way model gives you access to the digital spilt sheet, metadata form and ‘ask-a-MOTI’. This is designed to accommodate everyone who can’t yet use the paid-for model.

Ask-a-MOTI will be utilized to engage with their members.

For the premium package you’ll have to part ways with $14.99 (R219,98) from your pocket, which will give you access to the learning material on the platform, as well as an exclusive metadata form.

“The ‘MOTI Digital Split Sheet’ and ‘Metadata Form’, are essential tools which we believe ought to be easily accessible in order to be completed as soon as a song is made, avoiding possible future conflicts surrounding ownership, royalties and money,” he said.

Chanetsa says in five years to come he sees an increase in the music space and more people taking the initiative to invest in their craft; and that in five years he’ll be doing workshops to bring about more knowledge.

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