How to celebrate the upcoming Easter holidays on a budget this year

Try these fun and creative ways to enjoy the upcoming Easter weekend with your loved ones, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, families over the world have been encouraged to celebrate all special occasions and holidays indoors from the comfort of their home to protect themselves from the virus, but to also save money wherever they can.

Here are some fun and exciting ways to celebrate the upcoming Easter Weekend without spending too much money and burning a whole in your pockets:

Decorate Easter eggs

Decorating Easter eggs during the Easter period has been a tradition all over the globe for many years.

This activity allows for you to decorate your home ahead of the festivities, and also bond with your loved ones while everyone gets the chance to showcase their artistic abilities.

Grab some eggs from your fridge and boil them to use for your Easter egg decorating festivity.

You can also go out and buy some cheap plastic or wooden eggs to decorate if you do not want to use or waste the eggs in your kitchen.

Decorated Easter eggs. Picture: iStock

Create your own Easter egg hunt

Throughout the country many shopping centers, malls and restaurants will be hosting Easter egg hunts for children, as well as adults.

To ensure that you enjoy your Easter weekend to the fullest from the comfort of your home, you can host your own little Easter egg hunt in your backyard for some Easter fun for your children.

Invite some of your family members as well as close family friends to join in on the festivity and make it a grand backyard event.

egg hunt
Easter egg hunt. Picture: iStock

Bulk buy

If you plan on hosting or giving out Easter goody bags then it would be best to buy everything such as your Easter eggs and chocolates in bulk as this will be cheaper than buying things individually.

Buying in bulk also ensures that you do not run out of food or goodies throughout the holiday.

bulk buy
Trolley filled with groceries. Picture: iStock

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Get your loved ones to pitch in for lunch/dinner

If you are planning on hosting your friends and family during the Easter weekend, then you should consider getting your loved ones to pitch in on buying the ingredients you would need to create the recipes you will be serving.

Another way to cut costs would be to ask your each of your guests to bring a ready made dish which will be shared and eaten together with the other dishes prepared for the gathering.

This will ensure that everyone puts in effort for the feast, and that you are not given the full responsibility of cooking and preparing all the dishes for the gathering.

Easter feast
Family gathered at the dinner table for an Easter feast. Picture: iStock

Get baking

Grab the kids and head into the kitchen to recreate delicious, fresh and yummy fun-to-bake goodies which can be enjoyed over the Easter weekend.

Baking your own goodies is far cheaper than buying them, and with baking your own stuff, you can make extra batches and gift them to your loved ones for the holiday.

Baby girl baking cupcakes with her father of the Easter weekend. Picture: iStock

Plant something to grow

Celebrate the season of new life by planting something with your loved ones in your garden.

You can make use of half egg shells, egg cartons, and holiday themed clay pots in the spirit of the holiday to plant your seedlings.

Once your plants have successfully sprouted then they can be transferred into bigger clay pots or directly into the ground in your backyards garden.

Grandfather and grandson planting a tree. Picture: iStock

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