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‘I am anti-corruption,’ ex-SACAA manager tells Zondo commission

'I cannot sacrifice my 30-year career for an alarm system,' Mbulelo Gingcana told the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture.

Mbulelo Gingcana, the former senior manager of supply management at the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), told the Zondo Commission he has “never ever been bribed”.

Gingcana said he was fired from his SACAA job because of “unfounded allegations” made by Bosasa employee, Richard le Roux.

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Testifying before the State Capture Inquiry on Thursday morning, Gingcana confirmed that Bosasa installed security equipment at his residence. He said he had asked for an invoice on several occasions, but had never received it.

Gingcana, who applied to cross-examine Le Roux, said he wanted an explanation as to why he had been implicated – because it had led to the loss of his job.

Le Roux previously told the commission that he undertook a “special project” on the instruction of various Bosasa directors, including the late CEO, Gavin Watson, chief operations officer, Angelo Agrizzi, Trevor Mathenjwa, Syvion Dlamini and Papa Leshabane, News24 previously reported.

Le Roux said the special projects involved installing security systems, including electric fencing, CCTV and alarm systems, at various homes of politicians and government officials around the country.

Le Roux said Bosasa installed security equipment at Gingcana’s residence, to the cost of over R239 000, and that Bosasa incurred the expenses.

He alleged the project was named “Project Prasa” because Dlamini said Gingcana was the head of procurement at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa).

However, Gingcana said the installation cost approximately R40,000.


He also told the commission that he met Dlamini at a security expo in 2013-2014 and they became friends. He said Dlamini visited his home in 2016, and they spoke about plans to upgrade Gingcana’s residence.

“I asked him what needed to be done, and he gave me an indicator of plus/minus R50 000,” he said.

He said they agreed the upgrades would be done when he received his bonus in September that year.

The security system was installed in March or April 2017, he said.

He added that he asked Dlamini for an invoice on several occasions, but it was not forthcoming.

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Gingcana said he was still willing to pay for the security upgrades.

He also told the commission that he had never met Agrizzi to discuss security issues.

In his supplementary affidavit, which is before the commission, Gingcana said the naming of the installation of the security system at his house as “Project Prasa” was premised on a lie, which led to his dismissal.He said it created an impression that, because he was working at Prasa, he had received security upgrades to benefit some companies linked with Bosasa, who wanted contracts from the rail agency.

But, he said, he was no longer at Prasa when the security system was installed at his house.

“I have never ever been bribed, chairperson. I am anti-corruption, chairperson,” he said.

“I cannot sacrifice my 30-year career for an alarm system.”

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