National shutdown: ‘I know where Malema’s children go to school’ – Nhlanhla Lux

Nhlanhla said if he was a 'weak thinker', I would retaliate against Malema, but he is 'not that type of person'.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) spokesperson Sinawo Thambo dismissed claims by Soweto Parliament leader and activist Nhlanhla Lux as “baseless nonsense”.

This after Lux said the EFF and Julius Malema were involved in the alleged bombing of his home at 4am on Monday morning.

National shutdown

Lux also claimed police arrested an EFF executive leader during this morning’s patrols around Soweto amid the EFF’s national shutdown.

“We couldn’t care less about self-promotion and sympathy seeking by fools,” Thambo said.

“We are fighting the corrupt regime of Cyril Ramaphosa.”

Investigation underway

Police spokesperson Brigadier Athlenda Mathe sealed off the street and said officials are investigating a case of public violence and malicious damage to property after an explosion caused damage to three houses in Pimville.

“The matter will be referred to the hawks,” Athlenda said.

Lux accused the EFF of not being able to “take defeat”.

“They want to shut down the country while some of us try to defend the country.

“We beat them the whole night because our team is in collaboration with law enforcement. They do not stand a chance,” Lux said.

“Some of the arrests we made, we released after the fact that it is EFF executives that we arrested, perhaps it’s some of the things that are frustrating them.

‘I know where Malema’s children go’

“They thought they can come here and do their political nonsense but the township is united.”

“They thought the best thing to do was to go and kill this young man’s family who’s prioritising all these communities,” he said.

“I know where Julius Malema’s children go to school and if I was a weak thinker I’d want to go and retaliate but I’m not that type of person.”

He said he was not sure how many people might have been injured following the blast because there were people affected all around, and he hasn’t consulted with any neighbours.

Lux said there were eight people in his home when the alleged bombs went off.

“I haven’t consulted with my own family, since the bomb happened, I haven’t seen my own family or anybody for that matter.

“They all had to rush and I had been operating with the police all night. Probably they hiding that my kids are dead, but I don’t know that until I see them, ” he said.

Condemning EFF shutdown

Lux has been vocal saying he would personally arrest Malema if he does anything illegal during the national shutdown.

He has also been vocal in condemning the EFF’s national shutdown.

This was despite him being one of the leaders who shut down Soweto, demanding Eskom to cancel the township’s historical electricity debt and demand an electricity flat rate.

He has been accused of doing the same thing the red beret has embarked on regarding the shutdown.

‘Just anarchy everywhere’

“I have never done the same thing as the EFF, our intelligence is different, we operate in supreme intelligence which is in collaboration with the government of the day and law enforcement.

Their march is just anarchy everywhere,” he said.

“There were no arrests on site, there was no policeman ready to take out their gun, no policeman taking out fires, so how dare they same media our efforts that are collaborative with law enforcement to this nonsense of Julius Malema.”

Additional reporting by Amanda Watson.

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