Daniel Friedman
2 minute read
29 Aug 2018
12:38 pm

Do the Maybot: Theresa’s ‘dancing’ raises eyebrows

Daniel Friedman

UK prime minister Theresa May's one-day visit to South African shores had its serious moments, but her 'dancing' certainly wasn't one of them.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May

UK prime minister Theresa May may have had some tough moments on her SA trip on Tuesday, such as the Conservative Party leader being forced to admit that she played no personal role in the release of Nelson Mandela and her being forced to confront the land issue during a press briefing, but the state visit did produce some lighter moments.

Visiting the ID Mkhize High School in Cape Town, May was greeted by singing and dancing students and made the somewhat ill-fated decision to join in.

Some have dubbed her dance the Maybot, which is also used as a nickname for the leader in the UK press for her perceived lack of warmth.

Others have noted that, in its shuffling nature, it is possibly an attempt to mimic the “Madiba shuffle,” a dance the late Nelson Mandela was well known for.

If this is the case, though, she certainly did not succeed in matching Madiba’s style.

May’s dance moves were met with a typically mocking response on social media, although some did say that she deserves points for trying.

May arrived in Cape Town on Tuesday morning for her one-day working visit to South Africa.

May, who is being hosted by President Cyril Ramaphosa, was accompanied by about two dozen British business people.

“The working visit follows bilateral meetings between President Ramaphosa and Prime Minister May during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London from 19 to 20 April 2018 and at the G7 in Canada on 8 to 9 June 2018,” said the Presidency in a statement on Monday.

“During the bilateral engagements, the two leaders discussed potential partnerships between the United Kingdom and South Africa and efforts to strengthen bilateral trade and investment relations.”

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