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Libya demands Boris Johnson explanation over ‘dead bodies’

Libyan authorities on Thursday demanded an explanation from Britain's foreign minister Boris Johnson over his remark on the need to "clear dead bodies" away in the strife-torn North African country.

The foreign secretary has already come under fire at home over his assessment of an August visit to Libya that the country could attract foreign investment and tourists after the corpses from fighting were cleared.

Fayez al-Sarraj, head of the internationally recognised Government of National Accord, met the British ambassador Peter Millett to demand an explanation of the “unacceptable” comment, according to the GNA’s Facebook page.

It quoted Millett as saying that Johnson was referring to the dead of the Islamic State jihadist group who had killed hundreds of Libyans.

Libya’s rival authorities in the east of the country, through parliament’s foreign affairs committee, condemned Johnson’s “irresponsible” comment that was “an affront to the dignity” of the Libyan people, demanding an official apology.

Many ordinary Libyans went on social media to express their anger over the comment.

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