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Second SA woman among hostages released during Israel-Hamas truce

Aviva Siegel is the second South African to be freed, as 79-year-old Channah Peri, a mother of three, was also released over the weekend.

A second South African, who was one of Hama’s hostages, was released on Sunday, the third day of the truce between Israel and Hamas.

In exchange for the release of at least 150 Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons, at least 50 people who had been kept captive in Gaza have been freed since the truce between Israel and Hamas, CNN reported.

Hamas has freed 40 Israeli hostages; 13 were released on Friday, 13 on Saturday, and 14 on Sunday.

In all, 39 people were freed on Friday, 39 on Saturday, and 39 on Sunday, totaling 117 people released from Israeli prisons.

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South African released

Among the 14 Israeli hostages that were released on Sunday was 64-year-old South African Aviva Siegel.

She was taken captive from Kfar Aza along with her husband, American citizen Keith Siegel, who is believed to still be in Gaza.

Siegel is the second person of South African nationality to be freed, as 79-year-old Channah Peri, a mother of three, was also released over the weekend.

According to the SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD), Siegel is a kindergarten teacher, and her husband is a North Carolina native.

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The SAJBD hailed the releases of Siegel and Peri, and called for more hostages to be released.

“The SAJBD continues to call for the release of all the hostages. We respect the families’ need for privacy and continue to offer our prayers and support to them at this very difficult time.”

Siegel’s husband not released

Meanwhile, the US senator for North Carolina, Ted Budd, released a statement on Sunday after Siegel and four-year-old American Avigail Mor Idan’s release.

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“We are pleased that some hostages have been released and are now home with their loved ones. We remain steadfast in our commitment to secure that freedom for North Carolina native Keith Siegel, Omer Neutra, and all hostages illegally held by Hamas terrorists,” Budd said.

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