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‘No room for love back’: Duduzile Zuma ‘clears air’ on MK party ‘purge’

MK party claim there have been "serious elements of infiltration in the organisation that are coming from forces, including other parties".

Former president Jacob Zuma’s daughter Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla has hit back at former uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) party leader and co-founder Jabulani Khumalo’s claim to be a member of the organisation still.

After weeks of speculation, the MK party confirmed on Friday that the Khumalo and four others had been given the boot for “attempting to destabilise the party“. It was seen by many as a “purge” that may have been orchestrated by Zuma.

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Reports soon followed that the party had allegedly used public information and forged signatures to be eligible to contest elections.

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Still, Khumalo insisted that he was still a party member until he had a meeting to tell him otherwise.

Watch Khumalo’s comments below

Responding to this claim, Zuma-Sambudla said no meeting was scheduled. She also ruled out any chance of Khumalo and MK party leaders smoking the peace pipe.

“Just checked President Jacob Zuma’s diary. There is definitely no meeting scheduled with former member of the MK Jabulani Khumalo tomorrow. And there is definitely no room for love back”.

‘He knows about his expulsion’

MK party spokesperson Nhlamulo Ndhlela told 702 Khumalo was present when his notice of expulsion was raised and agreed upon. He said the party was “baffled” by Khumalo’s latest claims.

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“Jabulani Khumalo was in the meeting when a decision was taken by over 25 members of our national leadership that he would be expelled. How he can claim he is still a member is baffling to all of us.”

MK party ‘infiltrated’

He claimed there have been “very serious elements of infiltration in the organisation that are coming from all sorts of forces, including other parties”.

“They aim to destabilise us. We are getting the sense that this is one of those [attempts]”.

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