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Thamsanqa Mkwanazi
2 minute read
4 Apr 2017
2:58 pm

Not all of us look good in black

Thamsanqa Mkwanazi

When they came up with the idea for Black Monday, they clearly did not have us people of a darker shade in mind.

Thamsanqa Mkwanazi.

In the tough times that we find ourselves, we still need to be sensitive to each other’s needs. I understand that we all have a right to protest if we are not satisfied with a particular issue, but let us think about those that may be negatively affected. Take those like me, for instance, who have an abundance of melanin.

This is the pigmentation that determines your skin colour, and as you can see from the above photo, I was thoroughly blessed with it. The late Tupac Shakur had us in mind when he said: “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” Preach on, brother!

Back to the point: when the masses out there – largely driven by the so-called “yellow bones” – decide to protest by instructing us to wear all-black, they clearly do not have us “black bones” in mind.

Have you seen what black on black looks like? I have made the mistake of wearing black clothing for a few photos, and because they only had a black background, I ended up playing “spot Sbu” in my own photos. All I am saying is, we are cognisant of the fact that we are a rainbow nation made up of a range of colours.

Wait a minute! Does the rainbow even have the colour, black? Let me just tell you that as much as I am opposed to the goings-on in our beautiful country, I would like to be allowed to protest in a more fashionable manner, please. I do not think that one colour should be used to make the other feel like they are junk status.

I am an eternal optimist, and I am sure that one day, we will overcome, but I know there are people who are looking at flight tickets to places such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I even overheard a couple discuss the possibilities of relocating to an even further destination: Mars.

The Mars One organisation plans to establish the first human colony on the planet, far away from the earthly problems we have. The aim is to do all of this by 2025, and by then, I hope that we would have realised that not all of us look good in black. Knowing us humans, we will run into the very same problems on Mars, as we have down here. So, instead of running away from our problems, let us see how we can come up with innovative solutions.