Mukoni Ratshitanga
5 minute read
27 Sep 2019
5:57 am

The search for a common heritage in SA

Mukoni Ratshitanga

Among the far-sightedness of our constitution is its acknowledgement of our common and diverse heritage as a nation.

Mukoni Ratshitanga.

From this stroke of genius arose Heritage Day, a national holiday to mark and celebrate our heritage, thus providing space to manifest a uniquely South African mosaic which serves as yet another platform for the promotion of national unity. For a country with as chequered a past as South Africa, the promotion of our diverse heritage forms part of dismantling the colonial and apartheid social engineering project of “otherisation”. In the place of dehumanisation and division, diversity’s organising principle is the humanisation and interconnectedness of people in commonly shared immediate and far away spaces. Whereas diversity is not meant to...