Richard Anthony Chemaly
5 minute read
26 Nov 2019
11:17 am

Privacy: Overrated when you have nothing to hide but useful when you do

Richard Anthony Chemaly

The right to privacy is well established but what is its purpose? Should Tshwane mayor Steven Mokgalapa be afforded some?

Tshwane mayor Stevens Mokgalapa with former MMC for roads and transport Sheila Senkubuge. Picture: Twitter.

In his heyday, American Pastor Ted Haggard said to his packed congregation that when you open a newspaper, you’ll always find somebody's secret. This was, of course, before the alleged revelation of drugs and a male escort. I’m sure then he would have liked some privacy. Here in South Africa, privacy is so well established that it was the only path to legal cannabis use after all other avenues were exhausted and failed. But where does it come from? Sure, we all like it but I’m pretty sure we’d also like cheaper electricity, free transport and unlimited data, though that’s...