Carina Koen
1 minute read
21 Dec 2019
6:27 am

Michael Komape’s pit toilet death won’t be the last

Carina Koen

The people running the department of education simply do not care enough to fix the problem.

The toilets in the background stand guard over the filled pit toilets where Michael Komape died at a school in rural Limpopo. Picture: Earl Coetzee

This week brought some closure for the family of Michael Komape, the five-year-old boy who drowned in a pit toilet in Limpopo five years ago. Despite a R1.4 million payout, his family will never have their child back, but they can take some comfort in knowing that their fight has shed some light on the callousness of the politicians who were meant to serve them and their children. It has also refocused the attention on the pathetic state of SA’s schools and the lack of sanitation in general. According to civil rights organisation Equal Education, there are still more than...