Ben Trovato
6 minute read
29 Jan 2020
5:55 am

Patrice Motsepe and the art of schmooze

Ben Trovato

Patrice assured the most powerful man in the world that Africa loved him. Trump wondered why this skinny Congolese man was at his dinner.

I have only just stopped gagging at the sight of Patrice Motsepe giving Donald Trump a fondle in full view of everyone at a World Economic Forum dinner in Davos. It was like watching a porno where everyone keeps their clothes on and performs card tricks instead of sex acts. It just felt wrong. To be fair to Patrice, you don’t get to be worth $2.6-billion without knowing exactly when and how to stroke someone’s ego to get what you want. It wouldn’t surprise me if he wrote a book one day called The Art of the Schmooze. Also, let’s...