Kabelo Chabalala
3 minute read
28 Apr 2020
4:07 pm

I finally have an idea of how it was to live in the days of the ‘dompas’

Kabelo Chabalala

Nothing makes you appreciate our hard-won freedoms like the loss of them these past few weeks.

Kabelo Chabalala.

In years to come, we will be narrating stories to our grandchildren about the 2020 lockdown. Some of the social media commentary reflects on how we will be telling our future children that they should never complain about staying in the house for just a weekend. This is because we found ourselves locked in our homes, needing permits to move around a democratic South Africa. As we commemorated Freedom Day yesterday, we acknowledged the day in which our country held its first democratic elections. It was definitely under unusual circumstances. Over the past few weeks of the lockdown, I realised...