Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
4 minute read
5 Jun 2020
4:16 pm

Orchids and Onions – Long live the new King of funny ads

Brendan Seery

King Price Insurance's latest ad is bang up to date, in the middle of the coronavirus. And while Virgin Atlantic gets a consumer relationship marketing Onion, Argus Car Hire and Airbnb pick up well-deserved Orchids.

There seems to be a new Nando’s in town – or at least a wannabe Nando’s. I’m not talking about flame-grilled chicken icons, though Nando’s is in that particular area. The fast-food group has for going on two decades now, been King of the Heap when it comes to producing funny, gag-filled advertising. Now, though, there is another would-be King… King Price Insurance. The comparatively new insurance business decided it would try to occupy the commanding heights of comedy in the marketing battlefield and has already produced a few humorous ads, which have picked up Orchids from me. Its latest...