Carina Koen
2 minute read
12 Jun 2020
5:30 am

History shouldn’t be tossed into the rubbish bin

Carina Koen

We can still learn lessons, both positive and negative, from our history.

ZAR President Paul Kruger's statue in Church Square in the Pretoria CBD, 29 March 2020. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Given the worldwide protests about “Black Lives Matter” and the attendant attacks on symbols of the era of colonialism and slavery, it was perhaps to be expected that someone would, at some stage, make a statement by defacing the statue of Paul Kruger in Church Square in Pretoria. In daubing the statue with blood-red paint and writing the word “killer”, the unknown protesters were trying to strike at a part of white, Afrikaans history, seen as the font of all evil in South Africa. Yet, the historical reality is that, in leading his country, the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek, against Imperial England,...